introduction into this next new world.

16 November 2009 § Leave a comment

on the roof, as we tap our heels about, smiles abound –
and between exhausted breaths, I tried to explain
the world away, justify just why I stuck around for the
hailstorm, the admission, that night, the decomposing
question mark that lay next to me in the morning.

fast forward through every identity I’ve ever given you.
blue hair, blond eyes, and a stroke of genius on the
floor to make up for the coke left in the car the night before.
by the time you get back here, I’ll be down the hall in 302,
deciding that better it be me, because they might do it wrong.

it doesn’t ever blink, this philosophy we know as truth,
wrapped up in the blanket provided by the cops, remember that?
we hadn’t slept – not together at the very least, but that was
less the issue upon the french beret’s arrival to the scene,
a deadly and preposterous scheme made for the departed,

and subject to the mark of the uncomfortably benighted –
worthy may they be in royal forests and their guilt,
imaginations in their cages and the trains in feature films
narrated by the prisoner – a life sentence that I received with
intent to pass it on, but better it be me, for they might do it wrong.

this is not the time or place for true or false confessions,
so wipe that grimace from your face and return to all your habits.
I cannot be included this time around, because you know she’ll go
on trial for my indignation, and refuse to fight for her own cause,
while I would tap my feet and try expectantly to explain the world away.


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