the elements that make up the world are these

18 November 2009 § Leave a comment

It’s just occurred to me that I have no co-conspirator, not anymore and I’d like one that understands and can surf with me and clash – we’d be like tectonic plates, raising mountains from our collisions. Observation is our ally and the impending snow and ice would be seen, zined, and microfiched like christmas lights on halloween, fireworks on the Ides of March, Colorado valleys tramped upon and skidded on, burning pines and reading books on traveling through time because w’ve already mastered space and banished the umbrella definitions of common words and phrases, having carved them into leather seats and replacing them with imperfect verse and extraordinary rhymes.

The recess junkies capturing the flag, camouflaged in miniskirts and cardigans, smoking next to firewalls, wondering about all the things a squirrel can do to a fallen tree, a log, a diary named the moon – what did Ahab say about the fire? Prospects of peace abroad – who is going to change the world?  Don’t put that on me, please don’t – I’ve got enough going for me now, I don’t want to chase any more dreams – so I leave it to you: this plan is flawless, and takes no compromise – just drop this quilt off at the front desk, and they’ll trade it in for innocence, and then we’ll start where we begin.

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