Characters, Vol. I.

25 November 2009 § 1 Comment

As soon as I hear the music, my feet start moving. I can’t help it. When that groove happens, there’s no stopping it. Salsa, mamba, tap, tango, waltz, even the kids with their break dancing – we’re witnessing magic there. It’s the truest, most soul-encompassing form of expression, and if you don’t put your heart into it, you’re done. You won’t enjoy yourself for a minute until you let go of those shy feelings and allow your body some freedom. It’s the difference between playing solitaire on the computer and going skydiving.

I ask people sometimes, what’s the difference in your day if you just smile once – one really genuine, open wide smile, and they look at me like I’m some sort of loon. But then they’ll get a twinkle in their eye and I know their spirit is not dead, it’s only sleeping, sedated from their daily rounds of the local dregs. After a few seconds, some people will just laugh, and I can literally see the barbells falling from their shoulders, just like in the cartoons, and I can see the teeth they’ve been hiding. I tell them, do this every day. Just smile. That’s your mind learning to dance.


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§ One Response to Characters, Vol. I.

  • Mark William Jackson says:

    This made me smile on the inside, my mind has no rhythm and does this Peter Garrett / Bill Cosby flow of erratic movements.

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