have you ever noticed

6 March 2010 § 1 Comment

have you ever noticed how when it snows
the wind blows and pauses to take a breath
allowing the snowfall in mid-air to rest,
for seconds a subtle and spinning van gogh.

have you ever noticed how when it snows
the mist drifts ahead of you on the road,
by its own direction and a sliver of content
as faith strays from its blinding glance.

at high speeds, it creeps along stealthily –
deadly, gently, playing games with conspiracy.
it moves like sunshine and snakes, fearless
but tempting to touch nevertheless, evertheless.

have you ever noticed how when it snows
the wind blows lines of cocaine mist across
the road, floating and knowing just where to go,
unaffected by our tires and our whims and loss.

our anger is a game to them, those wretched
flakes. sparkling with callous disdain, and
gathering in order, for war on our shame.
where did our pain go, I ask, as they made

their cold and intentional, windblown escape.
it’s behind you, their brazen reply imparted softly,
as I sailed slantwise down an icecloaked runway,
toward the drifting cars and skies crying mercy.

have you ever noticed how when it snows
the ocean fills up with miracles and stones,
flakeshadows in sunlight, elusive as passion,
creating lakes in summer that shimmer in

this everlasting place – in her eye, in his,
in your eye, in mine, and I’m thinking that
you haven’t seen it, because the sky doesn’t
open up like that, down and out with a shot

of rain to douse the snow, a sigh of wind to
let us go and allow suicidal miracle dust
to cover us with its hazardous love and affection –
with a kind and forgettable, bloated imperfection.


§ One Response to have you ever noticed

  • S.L. Corsua says:

    Living in a snow-less country, I take such delight in reading snow poems. I like mulling over the sentiments conveyed in yours, playing on the idea of a sentient mist, of a knowing snow.

    I like the last three stanzas best — the fluidity, the stanza breaks. “flakeshadows in sunlight” stands out, a strong image.


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