begin a daydream with simplicity:

12 March 2010 § Leave a comment

wake up with a shock –

(for sleep forgot to skip my invitation)
sooner than later,
they’re playing poker in a bloodied orchard,
shoving antebellum battleblimps into a
blue and orange sky.
the godhead highlights of whiteface confessions
decorate the sunshade with poetry

and somewhere,
there’s a mischievous sermon
posing existential questions to
the onlookers of death, forwardthinkers
of bated breath (new york’s undersea now)
and the solemn married few, smiling with
glee at their successors.

there will be no more drowning here,
doctor says, as he draws our scalpeled gills,
shades them in with violent bruises,
augers out the dancing demons and
replaces them with crayon wax – i
requested the magenta, but he melted
black instead – then he follows suit,
with seven leaf clovers and spades,
all clearly labelled as winter’s bane,
satan’s rose petal emporium, assaulting
hearts whose fluorescent vaultlocks
and inconvenient shopping carts –
take what you want of mine,
i’ve got entire souls to spare.

wake up with a shock –
it’s been a minute. maybe two.
the revolution’s overwith and you’ll
say you were a witness to the epic
that commenced in six parts.

a written word could not dismantle
that starry world or the stories
that were told to it: too loud a loneliness
is found with the windows blotted out
with books and trains, rainsoaked pages
and the tears they comprehend as pain (
self inflicted) and console us for
with doubt and rebel shame: plucked
and polished,

in the middle of a circus act,
we discover truth as untamed and wild –
it cannot be seized but only spoken for
and shown in proper light – A Theater
Show For The Ages – but don’t worry,
admission has been shouted for –
from fireblown rooftops,
dreary city dumps and alleys,
fornicating nuns and god’s
everprecious follies
playing nanny to rosy-cheeked
little hoodlums, daughters of
the galaxy that got away. when
they discover boyish charm,
they’ll be planning their escape.

those flowered dresses of volcanic ash
in the tangled atmosphere will outlast
will sway in the swirls


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