the devil in the hallway

16 March 2010 § Leave a comment

two and a half lifetime increments
and a spectacular sunset later,
her soul was all but sold and
in pieces along the desert road.

she had
three arrows quivered
in the hole inside her back
and a bloodthirsty heart
the devil held in
his delicate hands.

they’ll start circling soon –
the vultures, the ravens,
the winters and autumns,

collecting the depths
she’d longed for alone,
and commence
dispersing them
amongst the children
of summer’s throne.

and just like I said,
there he stands,
firstborn under
bated breath
and patient:

will you suffer his
sinisterinnocent smile?

I will, but he’ll be waiting longer,
forevermore, for you, in order
to tame the mythical lion,
to slay the cereberus beast –

the kingpin of service and toil,
redfaced, kissing your callused feet.

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