this is for you.

10 September 2010 § Leave a comment

we held hands under the starlight and milky way
until the night could no longer reach us.
and we climbed until I had to scramble
by myself into that pearl tower

you waited on the edge of that forever.
for me, you watched your own kind brush by,
and I don’t know what you were thinking,
but I don’t think I ever thanked you.

instead, I condensed my everything
into that moment high above,
shotgunned my soul into another,
and did what I do best to you.

my recollection’s full of wild horses
and whispered inspirations of
the wicked things I did to
get back at me for giving in.

I don’t know if we fired off enough rebellion,
but it felt right at the time.
and when the rain finally came,
maybe it was just another lavaflow
so I could do what I do best
to you.


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