27 November 2010 § Leave a comment

i haven’t been displaced yet.
this is where i belong, in the crux between
the fog of night and the light of day

did they hear the sound that
she picked up from the icy road
as she happily turned around
to take in what followed her down?

i parted all of our what-ifs
and traded with the solstice
for her barren, landscaped lips.

as i watched the sun descending
behind my ideas and timely cues,
the sea within the rhythm section,

then i knew it
but the music

didn’t fit.
couldn’t hurt it.
wouldn’t go
any further.

so i hid it.
kept it secret.

thought i’d give it
to the wind,
thought she’d hold it
somewhere safe
from me until
i was told

i couldn’t have it –
then i’d take
that love again

and see what art
would make it feel
like being read again,

a tortured child
now and then
reaching out to
help her see the dark again.


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