movement, amplified.

9 December 2010 § Leave a comment

Two o’ clock rolled around to the front of the lecture hall and told me I was done. My focus on the relations of identity and quantificational logic abandoned the test and I didn’t need to prove anything else with negation any longer. In a little while I’m stepping onto a plane that will propel me across the world, and this kind of happiness doesn’t come around often enough to get old. Adrenalin is flowing class V rapids through my veins and I want to tap into them so I can remember this forever. The beginning hasn’t even yet begun, which is testament to my first and fondest addiction.

In eighteen hours I’ll have skipped over more of the planet than most people a hundred years ago would see in two lifetimes, to land in Amsterdam for a month-long hitchhiking trip through Europe. Maybe the winter will be milder than here, but I’m not counting on it. I’ve had a good run at this being-at-home business – a semester of university, a summer of fishing and adventure, the cycle of a relationship I didn’t know how to handle, and I can’t remember ever being so ambivalent in my life than now. The time for escape has come, however, and I’m letting it wash over me like dreary summer rain.

It usually takes about six months to fill up one of those black notebooks I carry around. It amounts to a lifetime per book, and I’m starting a new one tonight.

time to go.


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