the blind spider adventures!

14 December 2010 § Leave a comment

Boris the blind spider and Trader, his human seeing-eye companion, have embarked on their journey across Europe! The hazy days of one particular Amsterdam coffeeshop are over – marked elegantly by the burning building acorss the street, which kept our disheartened duo from one last high in the city of islands – and the Europe no one cares about is in the not-so-present-present. That Europe is, of course, the one with endless highways punctuated with petrol stations and truck wrecks that the Polizei goes way too far to cover up, what with giant green sided fences – and people are still looking for blood and guts, so the traffic jam is still on the agenda.

Sporadic trains from one grand central to the next, a hundred languages in three blocks, Boris is soaking it all up in the park across from the great cathedral, where the actress walks the same walk four times for the cameras and winks at our unseeing arachnid on the third time down the aisle. Trader is ignored completely this time around. But that’s okay, because when Boris wasn’t helping with getting rides in Den Haag, Trader was getting waves and smiles. But who’s keeping score, right?

Our next installment: Boris and Trader go in search of the legendary Belgian brews. And maybe even pictures! Stay tuned!

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