the graffiti here is beautiful.

16 January 2011 § Leave a comment

the lazy moon above zadar and the adriatic
is an unbalanced cyclone, tearin’ it up like
half a tornado in tall boots and and a miniskirt,
showing us the morning or the path to clarity
that we might have discovered already but

there’s tweety bird the pilot
rockin’ out and gettin’ high to
soccer matches on the tube –
and the cats are gettin’ blasted
like dynamite and sparklefuse.

the beach is being combed with a nuclear hologram
and it’s about time we told the truth about
what happened in LA with the lion and the lamb.

the world is done for –
we’re only going back to space
to make way for the catastrophic population
of what’s left of the human race.
the world is done for –
but we can use another shot
of the Glenlivet, and maybe blow our livers

but only with a scotch older than us –
then we can get away with saying
that our parents were the ones that did it.

the generation of chirping birds –
e- and iEverything addicts,
what has the mp3
taken by facebook and scorn?
the pirates are the responsible ones!
with plasma screens and sans serif typeface
fuck the sunrise, we got a raid in WoW today!

the world is done for –
writing what we like into the news
of our daily life, like who knows the
name of the dude Rosa Parks refused her seat to?

and what did Brutus say into Bell’s stolen telephone
about his friend who didn’t ask why he was being slain?

there wasn’t time,
with all the hip hop and accolades
that were going around,
to make up for all the lives we made.

and the architect of dreams,
cute as she may be,
creates belief to
the tune of crumbling cities.
and where does that leave
a world that’s done for,
and what does she see?


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