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21 February 2011 § Leave a comment

Egypt didn’t even react to what Hillary Clinton said in a speech about being pro-democracy, and they didn’t flinch when Obama and others demanded that the ‘violence stop immediately.’

Now Europe is condemning the violence in Libya. Yes, it’s a horrible thing, but did anyone expect this fight to go down without casualties? In our children’s history books, these revolutions will be validated by the number of innocent lives lost, whether run over by vans or bombed by military jets. The simple fact right now: this is their time. They are showing the world what they are capable of, but they don’t care to share their fight with you.

It’s not such a stretch to think that they, as cultures defining themselves as people worth fighting for, don’t give a damn what the West thinks of what they’re doing. They know their society best, and given the multiplying revolutions, they are learning that this is what it takes to topple a regime. This is what it takes to initiate reform. Tunisia was so much more than a simple protest to end the 30-year reign of a corrupt dictator – it was the spark that is changing the modern Arab world, turning it on its head.

This is what happens when people figure out they’re not worthless. They will write their stories now, and tell them later.

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