love the moment.

4 April 2011 § Leave a comment

FUCK was shufflestepped into the otherwise untouched snow. Out past center field, a playground of rounded plastic and metal stood guard underneath the monstrous fluorescent glow.

I was in one of those odd instances of life, outside of the digital world of Powerpoint and flashy websites, where I got to see elemental effects on language. The word was etched into the earth, temporary, everchanging, as the sun warms itself toward the solstice that arrives too quickly, taking over winter with its wake. The ice melted from the curb, and with a chisel, we’ll chip it off our hearts.

Anchorage, your orangeglow has nothing on this sunset.

The small-town general store at the base of a shrouded mountain showed off the glamour we saw only in films up to then: at night, the hanging gazebo dance lights swayed in the breeze, windchimes sang in warm air like the city couldn’t believe.

I’m glad you arrived when you did, summer. I’m ecstatic winter is over. Let’s play something true this time around.


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