there will be no planning here! no logic, no reason, and to hell with organiz…

5 April 2011 § Leave a comment

The Republicans are at it again, and have been for some time. Get rich, or die tryin’. Wasn’t that 50’s tragic line?

Let’s talk about the American Dream. Let’s talk about a welfare nation based on the promise to take care of its people by any and all means. And when shit gets hard, we’ll be there for you. See this? We’re sending troops out to fight for your freedom and oil – so be thankful, dammit! We’re playing this capitalism game for you. Here, why don’t you come join in the fun?

Let’s talk about a couple of organizations that the U.S. federal government funded in order to foster better informed, healthier individuals. Because that government wanted to be seen as promoters of free speech and good journalism. It’s not like America needs an informed public, after all. Walk down the street and ask ten people what’s going on the the Arab world right now. Just try it. How many languages do you speak? What party has the majority in the Senate right now? Someone tell me why oil prices are going up, or I’m going to bitch and moan about it until they go down again.

Oh shit, the guy on NPR told us what’s up. Apparently, revolutions don’t always work from peaceful protests. If walking into a McDonald’s in South Miami Beach and having to ask for a double cheeseburger in Spanish is the biggest inconvenience of your day, perhaps you should take a giant step back and look at the world around you, which extends far beyond the fluorescent lights from the Walmart parking lot across town.

Let’s talk about a government that cared so much for its future generations, it went to the extraordinary trouble of writing a $445 million check so that women, who may have had no other reliable health resource, would have somewhere to go to ask if their casual heroin habit was going to affect their unborn baby.

And it’s not even about Abortion, those public relation imbeciles. How many Planned Parenthood clinics actually perform abortions? How many other services do they provide? No, I’m not giving you the answer. This isn’t fucking high school. Do your research. Check your facts before you speak. Inform yourself.

Meanwhile, the Fed created – with nothing more than a few taps on a keyboard – $1.25 trillion to bail out the incompetence of mortgage lenders across the country. They spent that money in six weeks. Do you know how much 1.25 trillion dollars is? Count the zeroes: 1,250,000,000,000. How big of a tsunami would it take to collapse your town with that kind of cash wave?

What I want from you – every one of you out there in the world; spin artists, corporations, politicians and you regular people who believe you have a purpose: Say what you’re about. And for once, tell me the truth. I’m not into this spin bullshit. If you’re about the money, and that’s what you’re concerned with, say that. A better public image will not help you, especially if you’re still full of shit. Stop trying so hard.

If you want to kill the federal funding to NPR because one guy said something that you didn’t agree with, say that. But remember how many people – who are not you – thought when they heard something they disagreed with, “hey, I don’t agree with that. But this is America, and she can say what she likes, because I have just as much respect for the first amendment as the next person.” Please.

Be real. How can I make it any simpler?

The problem, however, is that this isn’t about me. It’s about us.

Groups of people have no reason, no logic, and no sense of right and wrong. Put up a sign with an arrow, call yourself TSA, and watch them line up to undress for you.

If you’re okay with that, I want you to raise your hand. Right now, wherever you are. Then, when someone asks why you’re raising your hand, tell them that you’re perfectly content with giving away your individuality – no, let’s make this simpler still: you know the word ‘I’? Right. Tell them you don’t need it anymore. Tell them that when you get jerked around, you’ll just take it, because that’s what everyone else does. After all, when you stand up, and everyone else tells you to sit back down, what is the best possible action?

I’ll give you the answer to this one: stop reading this, and go learn something. Then tell someone about it, because -they- don’t care yet.


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