i’m taking a sick day.

26 April 2011 § Leave a comment

you spoil me.

for you, i have both admiration and contempt.
how dare you disturb my self-destruction?
what did I do to deserve this?
how can you care that much, knowing me as you do?
certainly, the words I hide from writing haven’t captured my imagination yet.
but that’s not your loss.

and you.

keep smiling.
you’ve got the blueprint of the world drawn
into your thumbprint,
and the borderless map, folded to oblivion,
accompanies the streetlights
like hearts and mountains that,
in summer,
forget just how to melt.


we are the fortunate ones.
we drive dump trucks by day
and beemers by night,
find faults in perfection,
cast love from our sight.

I’m sorry, train,
but you missed me.
though it would have been something
to stay a few minutes longer,
to watch the sun burn up the horizon.

toward the end of winter, we always say it’s going to snow one more time.
because we’re loath to see the spring?
because we’re anxious over winter’s end?
or because we’re scared to jump back into life again?

all is not lost.

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