cinco de mayo – the battle rages on.

5 May 2011 § Leave a comment

party up, like DMX on an amphetamine high, choppers on his tail. money in the trunk. rhyme about someone else’s problems for once.

this isn’t your holiday, america.

keep your jalapeño poppers and the beer and the double-baked nachos featuring more useless calories than an oil tanker full of aerosol cheese. melt down your newfound vacation and be thankful for the re-gifted sixer of corona that chinstrapped moron in white-rimmed sunglasses has in his left hand. he’s walking down the street with a stolen swagger in his feet and his dignity in the other hand.

taptaptap the click track to keep back the monsters and the facts,
back,back,back behind the fence is where he left the music at –
buried in the sand on the beach, so he could make her laugh
with bubbly melodies instead of …

instead of what?

this is jibberish.

fuck it.

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