streets amsterdam > oblivious focus.

30 May 2011 § Leave a comment

he walks down the street.
mdnight in Amsterdam.
been raining all day.

just stopped.
so he faded out of a coffeeshop.

something was going wrong.
did you miss something there?


dip into the street:

slippery train tracks,
cobblestones mirror neon lights.
burger grease drenches fashion.

cameras take the canals by storm,
footprints and urban vertigo;
pothead takes on the cyclist beast
at the end of the next level.

one more museum,
one more burning hostel.

with noise and lights as guides tonight,
foot falls in equilibrium,
disguised anonymous
flights of fancy granted
the answer, neglected.

when, in the doorway.
a woman stirred fitful
before he found her
and wrapped in scars.
weakened, wretched.

lay next to a bundle of rags.
let the city
see subtle windows under them.


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