Will June second that motion?

4 June 2011 § 1 Comment

I’m going to keep writing this until the end of time, which at the moment seems upcoming: the middle of June this year is as good a time to all it as any. The old man was wrong about the apocalypse last month; I’m okay with a subtle schism before solstice.

I sent out my scholarship paperwork a couple of days ago. There were a few sheets of paper in it – as much as they asked for – nothing more, nothing less. I had put a stamp on it – one of those first class stamps with the Liberty bell on it. It took the postal service three days in the middle of the week to get it back to my mailbox with a sticker covering the delivery address (in Texas, half a continent away) saying that they need an additional $0.20 of postage.

Three days it took them! The post office is just up the street. Even if they sent it to Anchorage, a whopping twenty miles away – how long could it possibly take? Couldn’t they just make an exception? It was addressed to a very important sounding name (International something something Education something) Did they not know that this important sounding organization had told me they’re going to give me a fistful of hundreds to study in Costa Rica, and that this important sounding organization told me this just a week before they expected paperwork from recipients back in their hands? Could you not just have put it on the plane?

I threw a couple more Liberty bells at the envelope, took off the denial sticker, and stuck it back in the mailbox. I even put the red flag up, which catches on the number on the box every time. The postage deadline is tomorrow, a Saturday. People are generally pretty lazy on Saturdays. More on Sundays, the reckless sloths, but still, on Saturday people seem to take it easy. Cartoons in the morning, a bowl of Frosted Flakes or some other sugar-infested box of enriched wheat flour and niacin and a glass of orange juice. Maybe a trip to the park and ice cream afterward. Go to work in high spirits. See the envelope that needs to be stamped. Smile simply because they love their job, and they stamp my envelope.

(I’m actively contributing positive energy to the world – see this, god? …jesus? …allah? …spaghetti monster? …don’t fuck with me – is anybody out there? Speak up, already. Fuck.)

That’s my story.

Here’s another one: I danced today, and looked at art. I walked around and made excuses to not skate. I drank a good amount and drove home too soon. But I danced today. Twice.

That’s a good day.


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