lazy sunday

5 June 2011 § 1 Comment

Oh, what an awkward day. Surely it’s worthy of some tragedy to befall it. I need some Calvin and Hobbes perspective.

The UK stepped up to the plate and said that they’re tired of Gaddafi’s bullshit in Libya. Get out, Colonel, said Britain’s foreign secretary from Benghazi, you’re no longer the leader. The writing on the wall says so.

And I’m certain the graffiti decorating the rebel city said it first. English is but an echo in those parts of the world, and the West claims false lordship over them no longer. We cannot handle their history, as we fumble and repeat even our own. Let the drawbridges fall from their welcoming embraces, for they divide neighborhoods and cities into warring nations, and we cannot allow these divisions and call for peace on the same day.

On quite a different note, I’m going to a wedding next weekend. It will be the first one of my generation that I’ve been to, and I’m not sure if I’m looking forward to it or not. I imagine it being a ten year reunion of 9th grade, and who wants one of those?

Of all the places I’ve lived, Kenai somehow drew the Home card from my hand, and where I once considered it an honor and a blessing, I feel now that it is some annoying pest that refuses to let go of my pant leg. But I continue to love it, for sometimes I know I’m not quite willing to let it go myself.

Anyway, the wedding. The first girl I had a legitimate crush on (you know, the kind that start innocently and eventually become burdens) is marrying one of the coolest guys I’ve ever met within a thousand miles of that little fishing town in southcentral Alaska. And he’s the mature kind of cool – the person whom you most want to be like for his charm and virtue – both of which are seemingly authentic. I don’t know him particularly well, but I have a feeling that if they ever talked about me, he might call me his friend. Those are the things I’m honored by these days.

And all I keep thinking about is how I don’t have anything to wear.

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  • Jimmy says:

    I remember that generation squeeze, where my best friend was getting married and I felt that I should still be in T-ball and swimming in public pools. It’s all an act; all on stage; all steps; and altogether worthy.

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