sacrifice forgiven: the brand new summer’s end.

15 June 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m done with that addictive garbage that is facebook, and a new lifetime begins today: I’m fishing, and thereafter traveling until the end of foreseeable time. That’s all there is for now, until that little plane lands in the roadless tundra and ships me out to sea. I don’t miss that world because it doesn’t wait for me. it’ll be fine whether I’m here or there or anywhere, and I’ll be fine wherever it is and wherever you are. change like this makes me feel alive like I never am otherwise, unfortunate. this is poetry in motion, this adrenalin of packing up and leaving home behind for a new horizon (one that changes every day) – smoke rises and suddenly the cares of this world wither away.

there’s no great philosophy behind life – we’re here, and we like to make it tolerable. because we think so much, we’d like to enjoy it and feel productive and feel a part of something – but sometimes all these requisites convolute our purpose, contradict each other, and we’re complacent with the suffering, because it’s comfortable and safe.

keep going, she said.

I intend to.


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