‘hey, you guys want to go to a strip club?’

15 September 2011 § Leave a comment

Las Vegas, Nevada, late Monday night: Jeff and I walked through a miniature New York City and watched a drunken woman scream and puke on the flat escalator-looking lazywalker thing. Three fights started in the ten minutes we walked down the strip, one of which occurred after a sharply-dressed bouncer asked a few burly Tapout-clad guys if they wanted to get into a strip club for no cover, and one of them was so offended that he told the guy to fuck off.

What the fuck. Over.

(that’s fisherman radiospeak)

I don’t even know what to make of this town. It’s ridiculous.

The ghetto near the presidential streets on the other side of the highway was more genuine than all of the tourist-infested Strip. At least the people were being themselves. And the Caddies with the 23″ rims were classy. Didn’t hear any rattling trunks, either. I wasn’t tan enough to fit in, but exploring the Las Vegas where middle aged women wear six-inch-diameter hoop earrings and pink and blue acrylic nails instead of blue fanny packs and scrunchies was by far more interesting, even if their looks looked more violent than welcoming. But hey. We can all get along in the next life, if not this one.

Tomorrow I fly to Costa Rica. Actually, I fly to Detroit, then to Fort Lauderdale, and then to Costa Rica. 22 hours of flights to go twenty seven hundred something miles. In a real world, it’s a five and a half hour flight.

What the fuck, over.

But hey. It was a two hundred dollar ticket. Maybe I’ll get some writing done on the plane. This glittery town leaves me lethargic and feeling kind of dead inside. I liked driving through the desert a lot more. Travel tip: if you’re ever driving through the Nevada desert, don’t miss Coaldale. It’s a hoppin’ little town.

I’m nervous. Costa Rica doesn’t feel real. It never does until I get on the plane. But I’m nervous because my whole world ends tomorrow, and I’m entering a new one that I can’t even fathom. Who did I forget to say goodbye to? Who am I avoiding?

Well, I only have to avoid them for another day, and then I have a better excuse. This has been a gradual process of dropping off the face of my planet earth, and finding myself on the alien surface of new worlds. It’s a trip. Here we go.

p.s. if i forgot something, i probably meant to. have a good day.

p.p.s. fuck off, america. i’m leaving you.


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