bodycrashing in the blue caribbean surf

20 September 2011 § Leave a comment

I don’t have much time, so I’ll keep this short. My whole livelong trip culminated in a sweaty bus ride to southern Costa Rica, where I’ve spent the last few days saying no to drugs (there have simply been too many to say yes to), dancing, and avoiding talking to people – which is a feat in itself, given how social everyone else is. But I’ve brought Sean along with me in my travels, and must succumb sometimes to his lonely whims. What a drag.

I stepped into the Caribbean proper yesterday, and dove under the cresting waves with the same enthusiasm I did at Huntington Beach fifteen years ago, the first time I felt salt water on my lips. There is little in this world like it that I’ve experienced, being completely taken of control and S-ing through the force of the elegant tide, emerging alive and well and closer to the oceandepths.

It’s time to step out of myself, I keep saying silently, passing chance after chance to do so. Always it will be soon, I say, and little smiles make all that go away.

remember rule number six:
don’t take yourself so goddamn seriously.


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