Panama, poetry, and … a novel?

24 October 2011 § 2 Comments

Okay. I’ve just returned to San José from Bocas del Toro, Panama, part of an extensive archipelago where vagabonds, backpackers and filthy rich yachters go to spend their money, time, and winters. The place is surreal and full of sunlight and shipwrecks. It was once a sort of Tortuga, like from the Pirates of the Caribbean films. Unlike Costa Rica, they take care of their roads and that Ford F-150 yellow cabs treat their fares like paying hitch hikers. 60 cents to the other side of town.

More on Panama later. I’ve decided to write a novel. November is National Novel Writer’s Month, and I’ve been putting off participating for years. I’ve said this recently, to someone. Maybe here. Either way, after an inspiring slap on my roasted skin (snorkeling may cause skin cancer, or a career in marine biology – perhaps both), accompanied by a sincere “stop being a fuckass” from a friend who had recently returned from tears and Panama, I’ve decided to stop procrastinating (yeah, right) and participate in this ridiculous tradition of flipping off the publishing industry with 50,000 words in thirty days. Starting 1 November. I’ll do it.

I will.

Time for class. more later.


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§ 2 Responses to Panama, poetry, and … a novel?

  • hungry4momos says:

    That’s some serious dedication! I have pipe dreams of writing a book of some kind, but so far all I can manage is (haphazardly) keeping a blog. Hopefully this is something I’ll be able to consider next year?…

    Who am I kidding? Next year, I’ll be right here on my sofa, reading blogs, probably having only written (if I’m lucky) two.

    Good luck with the novel!

    • the very idea of writing a book (finally? so soon? whichever) scares the hell out of me. and in 30 days? I’m supposed to be learning spanish, anyway. what’s going to come up? a month of garbage writing for the purpose of letting another file collect dust on a harddrive? maybe I should handwrite it.

      hey. how about you try it? what do we have to lose? who knows what they’ll be? some really killer novels have been published from this little exercise, and we could say that we wrote a novel at the same time as someone who just sold the films rights to theirs.

      maybe that’s poor reasoning. but anyway, we have books in us, why not write one?

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