excuse me, i’m here to procrastinate.

2 November 2011 § 1 Comment

I’m a day and a half into my novel. 2500 something words. It doesn’t take a mathematician to figure out that I’m a little behind. This not-having-a-computer thing makes my time on these machines sacred, so if I’m ignoring you, it’s not because I’m ignoring you. It’s that I’m more important than facebook. Deal with it.

However. I am here now in order to spend my time doing anything else but writing that which I’m determined with my entire soul to write, that for which I have stepped way out of my normal social bounds to tell people, whom I imagine wouldn’t care if I was going to summit Everest or fly a kite on the moon, that I’m writing a novel, and no, I don’t know what it’s about. That yes, I wear size thirteen in shoes, and I’m increasingly aware that most of Costa Rica doesn’t carry that size (and they still don’t fit).

On Saturday I’m headed to an apparently remote little village to hang out with leatherback turtles and relocate their eggs to safer places. It seems like the Costa Rican thing to do. I’m not sure what to expect.

After seeing the videos and literature on the mass-market banana and pineapple industries (Costa Rica’s two top exports, mostly to the United States and Europe), I’m quite sure that I will never, ever buy either one of them again. Fruit companies are up there with oil companies and most of the world’s food industry, apparently, on the evil scale. Eighth-circle-of-hell evil.

It takes more than the likes of Food, Inc., Fast Food Nation, Supersize Me, The World According to Monsanto, An Inconvenient Truth, Not One Drop, and Michael Moore to get me to boycott something, though they have some pretty convincing arguments. The truth is, all you have to do is call the fast food joint you were just at, and ask the manager about the source of whatever you bought. Take fruit, for example. Where did the strawberries in my Sonic drink come from? Follow the corporate phone number trail for the rest of the afternoon, and see if you’ve got your answer yet. If you find one, let me know.

Anyway, I’ll go into this turtle-egg-eating (I mean, what?) project open-minded, but from what I’ve seen of Costa Rica, I’ll at least say that it is not the eco-heaven the adverts make it out to be. Come check it out for yourself. A hundred dollar flight from the States (you can join the balding US Americans who speak poor Spanish, but pretend to be locals anyway), and half of Germany and Israel are already here, so why not join the crowd? You can go ziplining, after all!

School closes up in twenty minutes, and I have six hundred something words to write to stay on track for the day. Thanks for hanging out with me while I wrote my novel.


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