ending the night with…

5 February 2012 § Leave a comment

Social interaction – a definition of hanging out with people who you don’t necessarily resonate with – is a sometimes necessary thing from which we benefit from immensely. Contradictions abound. Abandoned castles in the most beautiful valley in the world – those are the places I love and drive. those are the place where I see the kin of the indigenous who are blocking off the roads in every other part of the country, and all they’re doing is saying yellow and tolerating our trespassing on their property, and our rock hopping and our walking along their daily commute only intensifies their day. Kids, who speak their language but not any that I speak, answer yes to every question I have but do not react, throw rocks into the river which feeds the villages I pass unknowing of their will to live sustainably, like we want to live, but really, really. Like in the brochures about the Central America which rich people buy into way too easily. this is the place to go. This is the place to come. Boquete, Panama. For once, a magazine had it right. But American ex-pats are abundant here, so if you’re from the states, don’t come here. Same from Canada.

Diversity, like in the music industry and the movie industry, are wonderful and marketable things where universality is beautiful, and conversation is lovely like the storied recording sessions in small towns on the mountainous east coast, is the spice of driving and of beauty, and I’m going to keep writing for the next thirty seconds because this is a macbook pro and we’re here until just past midnight, and I have to work at seven thirty in the morning, so I might as well go, to this indie hiphop soundtrack, which with Band of Horses and The Fugees, with this dominogoodbye. spinning love. good night, and good week. good luck, protestors, and keep up the road blocks.


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