why we are here.

10 April 2012 § 2 Comments

There’s a dance party out in the kitchen, just a few feet outside the bedroom door. Everyone in my life that I love is out there smiling, moving their hips, laughing. Linda takes occasional breaks to apply her essential oils to those who need it. Jenni’s nine-year-old is rockin’ the floor to everyone’s delight, while her pre-pubescent bartender son, who advises old men the best tequilas from all over the world, refuses to dance despite his talent. It is my friend Ed’s 84th birthday party, and he could be the grandfather of the next oldest person here. He’s taking pictures and inevitably will remember tonight forever. This is also my going-away party. We are best friends here, he and I, and there’s virtually no one is our community that didn’t show up.

And I’ve just figured out why this group of people from all over North and South America, who have almost nothing in common, come from drastically different backgrounds, all with their own stories and issues to deal with, came together, in a little town in Panama. Some of us escaped, and some of us were just looking for a home. Linda wondered aloud to me how this magic came together – why now?

For once in history, that why is not important.

We are here to heal each other. And it’s working.


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