Cannibalism in the Bath Tub: Bath Salts and Truth

2 June 2012 § 2 Comments

While I’ve been road-trippin’ across the States (chasing festivals and fish up to Alaska), others have been eating faces off the causeways of Miami. The face-eater’s mother said that her son was not a zombie, and the police said the boy was on a drug ‘like LSD.’

Both were lies.

Mothers think their boys can do no wrong, or at least will love them anyway regardless of what they do. This is normal; it does not mean, however, that her son was not a zombie.

Police – law enforcement – are in the interesting position of The Middle Man, between Lawmakers and the Public who, they say, must acknowledge said laws (because lawmakers and The Rich are above, immune, and/or not subject to said laws – obviously). The Middle Men are told to enforce laws, for example, by ticketing those who run red lights, marginally disrupting human trafficking, and revealing internal corruption.

Not everyone does what they’re told. Obviously.

When an opportunity arises for the Middle Man or the Lawmaker to benefit their cause, they tend to take it, much as The Protester or The Revolutionary would. So, when a man eats another man’s face in Miami, the only answer can be either a Zombie Apocalypse, or Drugs, unless the man whose face was being eaten actually wanted his face to be eaten, which is not unheard of – as in the case of Armin Meiwes.

If that opportunity takes the form of a bald-faced lie directed toward an ignorant audience, does the Lawmaker still take it? Again, just as the Revolutionary would take advantage of a President grieving over a lost wife to begin a coup, of course he would; he is above the laws he makes. And, there must be An Explanation for such an act – after all, we do not all go around eating each other’s faces! The public demands An Explanation!

An Explanation is not equal to The Explanation, however. We must remember logic, and the Constant Asterisk: *most people are satisfied with the mediocre, even if the mediocre is a Lie.

What is The Lie?

Police said the attacker may have likely been overdosing on a new potent form of LSD. “What’s happening is whenever we see that a person has taken all of his clothes off and has become violent, it’s indicative of this excited delirium that’s caused by overdose of drugs,” said Armando Aguilar of the Miami Fraternal Order of Police. – WSVN-TV

Bath Salts, or MDPV (methylenedioxypyrovalerone, or mephedrone) is a new synthetic that is absolutely nothing like LSD. They have virtually no chemical similarities. They are not illegal in many places (though this big scary ‘drug’ story will certainly change that), and can be bought in head shops across the nation. It’s the drug Methheads call ‘fucked up.’ And when a meth head says something is fucked up, it is the job of the rest of us to listen.

The War on Drugs, otherwise known as A Complete Failure, persists, and kills people with its perseverance. Yes, it kills cartel members and small-time slingers, gangsters, and dopeheads, but those are mostly over Human Stupidity and that the materials these ladies and gentlemen are working with are Illegal. These are not so often tragedies as they are Nature-based Population Control. Drug tragedies are the stories of decidedly gullible people experimenting with LSD, a substance they know to be safe (much to the chagrin of the DEA, U.S. Government, et al), and who want to expand their palate. In the safe and controlled environment they’ve created, having heard that Bath Salts are ‘like LSD’ in the mainstream media, they buy Bath Salts and try them, expecting similar effects.

Call it a surprise. Call it bad judgment on the users’ part. Or, call it Social Responsibility on the part of the Government and Media. Not the Social Responsibility coined by Eli Black, the last CEO of United Fruit who jumped out of his NYC office window in 1972, but that of a very intelligent and controlling Government. They Know the effects of LSD, Molly, Ecstacy, MDA, and Psilocybin. They Know that these things Do Not kill people, or make them insane and eat people’s faces on Miami causeways. And They Know that most people don’t know these things.

We’re not going to get into why those other drugs are illegal – it’s not important. What is important is the difference between them and substances like Bath Salts, and the fact that it seems okay that the Media and Government are Perfectly Okay with spreading deadly misinformation.

Believe nothing; until you have personal experience, extensive research, and trust in the depths of your soul that information is accurate, let it wash over you and be as affected by it as you might by an airplane passing overhead.

Spread truth, not just words.


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§ 2 Responses to Cannibalism in the Bath Tub: Bath Salts and Truth

  • Elizabeth says:

    This was a good read… I couldn’t get the thought of someone eating someone’s face out of my head. Not that it was possible with everyone spreading the news and commenting on it!
    What I like most about your post that I haven’t reads elsewhere is the definite difference regarding the drugs he was taking. The first article I read on this story they mentioned it being LSD, which I know does not make a person act like this…Bath Salts on the other hand I have heard but have not witnessed that it’s not something, like you said even a Meth head wants to mess with!
    There should be something more specific put out there for people to reference regarding this drug. People need to understand what it is and what it can do.

    • Thanks for your comment.

      I don’t like to play conspiracy theorist much, but many insinuations and claims from ‘authorities’ on drugs like LSD and MDMA (coming from government agencies, police, paid experts, etc.) are, inarguably, lies. If the health and well-being of their people (us) were priority, we would be hearing very different dialogue as ‘truth’.

      The most unfortunate thing is that the lies they spread will (and has, for years) take lives – because many people believe what they read and hear from ‘credible’ sources. Are the substances and medicines they’ve outlawed not classified as such to ‘save’ lives, assuming they are dangerous? They’re smart, those authorities. Which makes claims like ‘bath salts being similar to LSD’ counterproductive to their claimed cause, destructive to their credibility, and fatal.


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