8 August 2012 § Leave a comment

The latest idea in testing the will of the people to do the right thing, from the most dedicated-to-his-purpose person I have ever known. I am honored to call Kokayi a friend, and to ride his wagon. I’m in. Are you?

It was a small act of grace.  The envelope was white. Business style. The generic kind that you buy at Wal-Mart. The handwriting used to address the envelope fulfilled a promise made by a grandfather, who messaged me over the internet.

As the Lead Coordinator of the By2015:AMERICA movement, I receive promises all the time. As a community activist, I have learned not to hold it against persons when they do not choose to maintain their word as bond. Consequently, I thanked the grandfather, but did not invest any more energy.

The grandfather was touched. Out of his limited income – a social security check – he sent a $5 bill. I turned the envelope over and looked at the date stamp. It read: May 19, 2012.

Anyone who interacts with me, learns that the left side of my brain is Minister Malcolm X and the right side is Bob…

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